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Om Ah Hung Slate Monoliths

These monoliths were cut, carved, enamelled and polished from 2.5 cm thick slabs of reclaimed building cladding. From start to finish, this was a project of intense concentration and precise measurements until their final installation in a garden in Devon.

The above image shows the three syllables chiselled out and in the process of adding relief ‘detailing’ with my Foredom.

The above image shows the Hung syllable after carving the ‘detailing’.

The Hung syllable after polishing and adding three coats of signwriters/monument enamel.

After carefully transporting the three stones over a journey of 400 miles, my wife and I spent around 10 hours digging the trench (in appalling ground conditions!) for the installation. Firstly, the plinths were assembled- these were pre-cut slate slabs and monoblocks adhered using CT-1 construction adhesive;

Once in place and all levels were correct, the trench was filled with concrete;

The ground was returned to the original state, wrappings removed and the stones unveiled;







Om Ah Hung Stones

Hand carved in the Scottish Borders from natural Cornish beach stones.

On sale at Kagyu Samye Dzong, London and also available to order direct from Hatch, Burn, Carve.


Tibetan Buddhist House Sign

Tibetan Buddhist house sign (24 x 14 cm). Hand cut, drilled and carved from 1 cm thick slate, and hand painted with gold enamel. Tam syllable design used with kind permission from Tashi Mannox.




Om and Tam Stones

Some of the 50 Tibetan Om, Sanskrit Om and Tam stones recently carved and delivered to the shop at Samye Ling. Each one individually hand carved from natural Cornish sea stones.
Tam syllable used with kind permission from Tashi Mannox.





Guardian Stone

Commissioned stone to be placed in a prayer garden in Somerset.


Central relief carved Tam syllable (used with kind permission from Tashi Mannox) with three symbols and Sanskrit Om. Hand carved and enamelled from hearth stone (45 cm squared).





Tibetan and Sanskrit Om Stones

Each of these are individually hand carved in my workshop in the Scottish Borders from sea stones I had collected in Cornwall.

On sale at the Samye Ling shop and you can also order directly from me (message me or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk)




Mani Stones

More Mani Stones- hand carved from natural Cornish sea stones


One of these was carved using hammer and chisel (apart from the details around the lettering which was done with a diamond tip carving burr).


These were sold at Samye Ling Shop, but have delivered more there and you can buy direct from me. PM me or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk



Om Ah Hung Stone

Om Ah Hung stone.
Hand carved from a piece of reclaimed hearth/flag stone.

This stone has now been sold (from the Samye Ling Shop), but I delivered another recently and am planning to make more.

If you would like me to carve an Om Ah Hung stone for you, please PM me or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk