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An Ancient Design from Lascaux

A commission from 2014. The customer had requested  a cheese board/trivet with the bull (or auroch) from the caves at Lascaux. This was a lovely piece to do- probably one of the most ancient designs I’ve done (these are an incredible 17,300 years old).

I received the following message once the piece had been delivered;

“The parcel arrived this morning before 10:00 – that was a quick service. Everything is great, really lovely. The Lascaux bull is my favourite as I am keeping him! He is sitting on the dining table and I can’t help running my hand over him when I pass – slate is really very tactile. Many thanks for all you work. I will certainly pass your name and cards on to ‘spread the word’. Best wishes for the future.”

DSC07046 DSC07040


Slate Cake Stand

A  unique/bespoke cake stand. The top tier was hand cut and polished using a piece of  approximately 200 year old purple Scottish slate, whilst the base was a piece of approximately 300 year old Cornish slate.

If would would like to commission a slate cake stand, please use the contact form or email

©Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson




Another piece from 2013 and one of the largest pieces I had carved by then. A replica of the Papil Stone (originally from Shetland, now in the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh).

The final piece- carved from a 1 metre high reclaimed Cornish roof slate.