Monthly Archives: January 2016

Lepus Celestine

‘Lepus Celestine’ 33 x 26.5 cm. Hand carved from a reclaimed Cornish roof slate (approximately 300 years old).
Exclusively designed for Kilmartin Museum Shop. The design is copyright, except for the rock art, which is based on the patterns found  at Kilmichael Glassary.







Tibetan Tam Stone

Tibetan Tam Stone, hand carved from a stone I found on a beach in north Cornwall. This very dark grey stone was wonderful to work with- a texture like hard graphite.

The Tam syllable design on this stone is used with kind permission from Tashi Mannox.


This was supplied to and sold from the Samye Ling Shop. You can also buy similar stones directly from me- message me here or email



Pictish Seahorses Wall Plaque

These seahorses are found on the Class II Pictish Cross Slab known as ‘Aberlemno No. 2’


Hand carved from (an approximately 300 year old) Cornish roof slate. Then hand enamelled in two colours.


This piece was recently sold from Canongate Jerseys and Crafts, but I can make these to order- message me or email

Pictish Boar Wall Plaque

Hand carved from a reclaimed roof slate then enamelled by hand (approx 25 x 22 cm).


This one was delivered to Canongate Jerseys and Crafts recently, but I make these regularly!


If you would like one, message me or email (and they can be any colour you would like!)