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The World’s First Anarcho Punk Cheeseboard!*

*as far as I know!

My friend Matt had this lump of lovely old slate and being a lifelong admirer of Crass, it was only natural that he wanted to combine his love of both anarcho-punk with cheese 🙂

I chalked up the Crass logo for Matt to make sure I had it correctly placed and sized before the burr hit the slate;



The finished piece looks like this;


The slate also had some original machining on one side which Matt wanted on the plain edge, so I continued this along the length of the stone;


A final image of the logo and edging;




Secret Pictish Squirrel

I designed this for a very special person (aw!).

There’s no Pictish squirrels out there, so I sat down with a few photos of red squirrels, a guide to draw such animals and an image in my mind of how a Pict would carve such a creature (© Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson).


It was so satisfying to carve this wee creature which really came to life in the stone;


Why ‘Hatch’? Here’s why (Part two)


On moving to my new house, I have built the coop above from two pallets, recycled sarking boards and recycled slate. I kinda made the design up as I went along, but have plans if you would like me to build similar for your chooks.


I’d kept chickens for a number of years now. They are fascinating, stupid, stubborn beasts. Yes, they show ‘cupboard-love’, but you can earn respect from them with some time and patience. I never get too ‘close’ to chickens which I keep as I see them as livestock, but they are individual sentient beings.

One big Blackrock which I kept really took a dislike to me- after all, I was the one who used to cover her in louse/mite powder and force tonic/vitamins down her throat in the coldest weather. But, slowly (and with lots of sweetcorn!) she let me pick her up- used to carry her round the garden like a big fluffy cat. Bless.

I absolutely abhor battery farms- there is simply no need to buy eggs from these places.

Think before you go for the ‘value’ eggs.