Monthly Archives: August 2019

Maori Fish Carving

Maori double fish slate carving (25 x 25 cm), design © HatchBurnCarve.

Hand cut from a 2.5 cm thick slate slab. Freehand carved using a variety of diamond, tungsten and silicon carbide burrs (ranging in size from 0.5 mm to 3 mm), as well as traditional hammer and chisel. Enamelled with professional monument/memorial enamel.

On the easel just after removing interior material with hammer and chisel;

After texturing with silicon carbide burrs and ready for enamelling;

The finished piece;



Cat Memorial

Cat memorial (40 x 25 cm). Design ©HatchBurnCarve.

Hand carved from a reclaimed roof slate and enamelled with copper memorial/monument enamel.



Stone Stack Curio

A stone stack curio (5.7 x 3 cm).

The story behind this- the customer had seen one of my stone stack pendants, but asked if I could make a stone stack that could stand. Her late father was a printer and she is filling his old typesetter tray with objects and curios.

This was made using hand cored Leithen Water stones (the river that runs through Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders, and is a tributary of the River Tweed) set on a vintage pickle fork that I cut, shaped, bent and polished.



I was asked to create a bobcat design to be used as both a carving template and also to feature as a logo on ice hockey shirts.

The design (©HatchBurnCarve) was carved into a 25 x 25 cm piece of reclaimed slate. Following freehand carving, this was hand polished to a mirror-like finish and enamelled using professional gold and white monument/memorial enamels;

My design was then expertly transformed into a print by Team Xpress, based in Pickerington, Ohio.  These jerseys are now worn by the ‘Bobcats’ team that play in the Perani’s Pond Hockey League at their games in Columbus, Ohio.


Carved Slate Chamfron Plaque

A carved slate plaque (hand carved, polished and enamelled), 9 x 18 cm.

This is my own design (©HatchBurnCarve) based on a photograph of a chamfron supplied by the customer.