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Scotty Dog Cheeseboard

This was a design I was asked to do for an Xmas gift.

Well- I did say I could draw n carve anything really 🙂

Here’s the sketch (© Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson);



And here he is (well, he seems like a ‘he’ to me!) drawn up with chalk pencil on the slate;


Just after carving and still covered in slate dust;


Ready for cheese!




Cleaning Slate

Cleaning Slate- I’m often asked how to clean slate, so here are a couple of my top tips;

– slate is a naturally absorbent material and will absorb any liquid and will extract oils/moisture. I have some really cool Cornish sea slate pebbles which will extract moisture from hands as you hold them!

– the simplest way to clean slate is using very hot soapy water- this should remove most stains, especially from newer slate.

– for cheeseboards, an effective way of preventing stains is to rub the whole surface lightly with olive oil. Be aware though- this will not only darken the slate, but also the carvings- they may end up not quite so obvious on the surface.

– for wall plaques/exterior trivets (for non-food items), you can rub lightly with WD-40 (anyone ever wonder what happened to WD-1 to WD-39?!). This really brings out the natural qualities in each slate piece (but again, may darken down some carvings).

– or just leave the slate to age and form a natural patina over the years. The trivets which I use in my kitchen are un-treated, but I think they look great!

– you can even put slate in your dishwasher! BUT- I won’t be responsible for either the slate, or your dishwasher should you want to try this out 😉

Pop Up Shops and Christmas Fayres!

Ah,  now that the festive period is over, I can catch up with postings!

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to the events and supported me, bought items, placed orders or even just made me a cup of tea 😉

Thanks also to St. Ronan’s PTA for organising the Fayre and the team behind the ever wonderful Switched On Sunday.

Here’s the Hatch Burn Carve stall at our local school Xmas Fayre-

My lovely table covering designed and made by Vanessa at Jelly;



Not only slate, but candles and napkin rings from B’s Wax Candles;


A couple of weeks later, I had a pop-up-shop in Innerleithen High Street (thanks to RF Blackhall for the use of their premises for a day). I had great fun playing shopkeeper!