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Pictish stag cheeseboard

Between the numerous recent commissions, I’ve also been busy making new stock items for fairs and shows.
This is a Pictish stag cheeseboard, based on the design from a Class I Pictish stone at Grantown (now in the Museum of Scotland). Hand carved and finished from a reclaimed roof slate.

You can also buy these directly from Hatch, Burn, Carve. PM me or email




Slate Placemats and Coasters

A recent commission. Set of four matching placemats and coasters.

Each one free-hand carved and finished for a super smooth surface.


These are made from reclaimed Scottish slate which has a lovely deep blue colour. Just collected these a few weeks ago from a dismantled shed/garage.



If you would like me to make something similar for you, please PM me here, or email

Uffington White Horse

Uffington White Horse cheeseboard/trivet/placemat.


Freehand carved from a reclaimed roof slate.


I can make these to order- please use the contact page, or email

Tattoos in Slate

I love a bit of ink 😉

This board was one of my most challenging designs to date (but I love a challenge too!). This cheeseboard was a present for a couple who each had very distinctive tattoos.



Here’s the tattoo;

photo 1

The salmon fly;


And the original tattoo design;

Fly tattoo

Would you like to see your tattoo in slate? Wall plaques, garden stones, cheeseboards, etc- the choice is yours! Just PM me here or email

Remember, tattoos are for life, slate is for many lifetimes 😉

For Those About to Caboc, Brie Salute You- An AC/DC Cheeseboard.

An AC/DC cheeseboard I made as a request for an engagement present in 2014.

If you would like a metal/rock/band cheeseboard or plaque, just message me here or email



Pictish Bull Cheeseboard

This was based on one of the Pictish Bull carvings from an Iron Age hillfort at Burghead in Moray, Scotland. This fort is particularly interesting as it has a chambered well built within.


An Ancient Design from Lascaux

A commission from 2014. The customer had requested  a cheese board/trivet with the bull (or auroch) from the caves at Lascaux. This was a lovely piece to do- probably one of the most ancient designs I’ve done (these are an incredible 17,300 years old).

I received the following message once the piece had been delivered;

“The parcel arrived this morning before 10:00 – that was a quick service. Everything is great, really lovely. The Lascaux bull is my favourite as I am keeping him! He is sitting on the dining table and I can’t help running my hand over him when I pass – slate is really very tactile. Many thanks for all you work. I will certainly pass your name and cards on to ‘spread the word’. Best wishes for the future.”

DSC07046 DSC07040

Scotty Dog Cheeseboard

A commission from 2013- a design I was asked to create and carve as a Christmas gift.

Here’s the sketch (© Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson);


Below is the design drawn up with chalk pencil on a reclaimed roof slate;


Just after carving and still covered in slate dust;


Finished and washed;



The World’s First Anarcho Punk Cheeseboard*

*as far as I know

My friend Matt had this lump of lovely old slate and being a lifelong admirer of Crass, it was only natural that he wanted to combine his love of both anarcho-punk with cheese.

I chalked up the Crass logo for Matt to make sure I had it correctly placed and sized before carving;



The finished piece looks like this;


The slate also had some original machining on one side which Matt wanted on the plain edge, so I continued this along the length of the stone;


A final image of the logo and edging;