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Cup and Ring Marked House Sign

‘Stumbletree’- probably my favourite house name I have carved to date (45 x 15 cm). Entirely freehand carved from a 1 cm slab of slate. The customer had seen my work at Kilmartin Museum Shop and had commissioned me to make the sign with the addition of cup and ring markings based on those found in Kilmartin Glen in Argyll, Scotland.

Hand enamelled using professional white and copper monument enamel.




A Sign for Moon Cottage

Hand carved from a slate which came from the roof of the customers parents house.

Enamelled with three coats of white and silver professional monument enamel.


Microscope Company Slate Sign

A freehand carved slate sign that I made for a microscope company (TDKK) based in the Netherlands (39 x 24 cm). Hand cut from a 1 cm slab of slate, carved, hand polished and enamelled with three coats of white and blue professional monument enamel.


Hand Carved Slate House Number

A small house number (20 x 15 cm) that I made in 2017. Freehand carved from a 1 cm thick slate slab, then hand enamelled with three coats of professional monument enamel.


Tibetan Buddhist House Sign

Tibetan Buddhist house sign (24 x 14 cm). Hand cut, drilled and carved from 1 cm thick slate, and hand painted with gold enamel. Tam syllable design used with kind permission from Tashi Mannox.