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Hand Carved House Sign

This was the last piece I made in 2019. This hand carved slate house sign (23 x 13 cm) was cut from a 1 cm slab using my wet stone saw, freehand carved, and enamelled with five coats of 1-Shot monument/signwriters enamel. It was finally polished using a number of grades of wet and dry paper.


Slate House Sign

Slate house sign (24 x 15 x 1 cm). Freehand carved and polished, finished with three coats of professional monument enamel (and two light coats of stone sealer).

Made for a house in southern France (‘Aube’ translates as ‘dawn’).


Natural Slate House Sign

A natural slate house sign. Carved and enamelled from a large (and old) piece of Cornish slate (90 x 50 x 6 cm).

This sign required some careful enamelling as we wanted to retain the years of lichen growth on the surface (so no over-painting of the letters).


Cup and Ring Marked House Sign

‘Stumbletree’- probably my favourite house name I have carved to date (45 x 15 cm). Entirely freehand carved from a 1 cm slab of slate. The customer had seen my work at Kilmartin Museum Shop and had commissioned me to make the sign with the addition of cup and ring markings based on those found in Kilmartin Glen in Argyll, Scotland.

Hand enamelled using professional white and copper monument enamel.



Microscope Company Slate Sign

A freehand carved slate sign that I made for a microscope company (TDKK) based in the Netherlands (39 x 24 cm). Hand cut from a 1 cm slab of slate, freehand carved and then enamelled with three coats of white and blue professional monument enamel. The surface and edges were left unpolished as per the customer’s request.


Hand Carved Slate House Number

A small house number (20 x 15 cm) that I made in 2017. Freehand carved from a 1 cm thick slate slab, then hand enamelled with three coats of professional monument enamel.