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New ‘Time Gazer’ Wall Plaques

Four new ‘Time Gazer’ wall plaques, recently delivered and on sale now at Kilmartin Museum shop.
Exclusive design for Kilmartin Museum and © Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson 2016.






Hatch, Burn, Carve joins the creative team at Talliston House and Gardens

Very pleased to be creating pieces for Talliston House and Gardens. These are the Talliston Labyrinth wall plaques, reproducing the labyrinth from ‘The Old Rectory’ standing stone which stands in front of the house.

These labyrinth talismans are available to buy at Talliston, but you can also purchase on-line via Folksy;

Please have a look at the Talliston House and Gardens website and be amazed! It has taken 25 years to transform a 3 bedroom ex-council house into ‘Britain’s most extraordinary home’.



All photographs by John Trevillian.

Lepus Celestine

‘Lepus Celestine’ 33 x 26.5 cm. Hand carved from a reclaimed Cornish roof slate (approximately 300 years old).
Exclusively designed for Kilmartin Museum Shop. The design is copyright, except for the rock art, which is based on the patterns found  at Kilmichael Glassary.







The ‘Runic Cross’ of Innerleithen

This amazing stone was found in the Leithen Valley in Peeblesshire. There’s neither runes on it, nor is there any evidence it was once a cross…read on…

runic cross

The first alleged discovery was made somewhere in the valley and it was held in such regard that it was used by Christians as building material! It was ‘found’ for a second time by Robert Mathison when the church was eventually demolished in 1871. It was previously house in the garden of Robert’s home (called ‘Runic Cross’).

The building of churches on top of sacred sites was common- many old churches are built directly on top of stone circles and monoliths. It was the Christian way to forcibly convert the people of this country to their religion.

I wanted to make some smaller pieces using slate offcuts and to reflect some of our amazingly rich local history. I love cup-and-rings patterns too, so this design was ideal!


I used the patterns which are on the East and West face of the stone for these pieces.


We have a lovely local Horticultural Show each year (erm, I’m on the committee!) and I entered one of these into the handicrafts section.


Yay- I won 3rd prize!!


Pop into The Framing Gallery on Innerleithen High Street- there’s another for sale in the shop;