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New Etsy Shop Items

I’ve added many new items to my Etsy shop;

New stone stack pendants (handcrafted from stones found in rivers in the Scottish Borders) including this one from the Tima Water (a tributary of the Ettrick Water);

Click here to see all my stone pendants.

Green, brass and gold labyrinth plaques (approximately 10 cm squared). Freehand carved, polished and enamelled using professional monument/memorial enamel;

Click here to see all my slate tiles/wall plaques.

‘Leaping Salmon’ slate plaques/tiles (©HatchBurnCarve), again, approximately 10 cm squared;

Tibetan Buddhist Om stones;

Click here to see all my Buddhist/Sanskrit stones.

Elder Futhark Rune stones. Individually hand carved and enamelled with either red or copper monument/memorial enamel (supplied in a handmade bag);

Click here to see my Elder Futhark Rune stones.

‘Golden Bee’ slate wall plaques/tiles (©HatchBurnCarve), approximately 10 cm squared;





Stone Stack Pendants

I handcrafted these using raw unpolished stones collected from my local river, the Leithen Water. They’ve been selling almost as fast as I’m making them, but still have some in stock, so message/email me if you’d like one.


‘Manor Water Stones I and II’

‘Manor Water Stones I and II’. Hand made from stones collected from the Manor Water at Kirkton Manor, Peeblesshire.

Part of ‘A Sense of Place’ exhibition showing in the Tweeddale Museum and Gallery, Peebles from 5th August to 2nd September 2017.

Soapstone pendant

It makes a change working with softer stone and soapstone is a delight to carve!


This was a commission piece- hand carved and hand polished from a block of American soapstone.


If you would like me to make a soapstone pendant for you (or serpentine, or any other sea-stone!), message me or email

Soapstone pendants

A commission I did for two replica soapstone pendants.

These are carved from solid blocks of American soapstone- a lovely medium to work with.

I have some soapstone block left, so if you would like something similar, PM me here or email


Natural Sea Stone Bracelets and Necklaces

I love beachcombing 🙂 I have found some amazing things over the years, but usually come back with bags full of stones and sea-glass.


The stones I use to make these are collected either from a beach in North Cornwall or from one in East Lothian.


These are completely natural- no polishing or tumbling (I let the sea do the tumbling for me!)


The stones are all hand-drilled using a diamond tipped corer. Some of these take up to 20 minutes to drill! However, I also collect Hag-Stones (also known as Witches Stones, Serpents Eggs, Adder Stones etc). These are believed to have magical powers such as protection against spells, evil eye, or to be able to see faeries and other magickal beings if you look through the hole. Here’s one (for sale) which I found on an East Lothian beach;


If you would like to buy one, PM me here or email