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The Swallow Gate

A hand crafted garden gate from 2014.

Here it is in place (and before the customer stained/preserved it);

This took a fair amount of mathematics and four full days of work before installation.


The carved swallow insert (© Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson);



The gate during construction. This was made using lap joints and dowels (not a single screw or nail was used);


If you would like me to create a unique piece of art for your garden entrance, please use the contact form or email

Bee and Honeycomb Cheeseboard

A new design (© Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson) carved into slate serving boards/trivets.


I occasionally have these for sale, or they can be made to order. Please use the contact form or email

Natural Sea Stone Bracelets and Necklaces

I have found some amazing things in the sea and on beaches over the years, but usually come back with bags full of stones and sea-glass.DSC07296

The stones I used to make these were collected from beaches in North Cornwall and East Lothian.


These are completely natural- no polishing or tumbling.


The stones were all hand-drilled using a diamond tipped corer (some taking up to 30 minutes to drill).  However, I also collect Hag-Stones (also known as Witches Stones, Serpents Eggs, Adder Stones etc). These are believed to have magical powers such as protection against spells, evil eye, or to be able to see faeries and other magickal beings if you look through the hole.

Here’s one which I found on an East Lothian beach;


I usually have hag stone pendants for sale, just follow this link to my Etsy shop.

Custom Made House Sign

My own custom design (bees © Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson), hand-carved into a section of reclaimed slate fireplace and hand enamelled.

This is the starting material and my original design;


The customer and myself were really pleased with the final piece! Here’s the slate after carving and before enamelling;


If you would like a unique house-sign made (not one of those boring run-of-the-mill machine cut and made mass produced items), then please PM me here or email  I can courier UK wide for approximately £11 (depending on your location).

Award-Winning Art

‘Stream of Knowledge’ (2014). This was my entry to the Creative Place competition run by the Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre in Peebles- the theme was simply ‘fish’. It won the first place award.DSC07150

Taking the three fish from the town crest and motto of Peebles where the competition and exhibition was held, I decided to re-interpret the classic Pictish salmon of knowledge adding movement and flow to the designs. Each fish was hand carved onto a piece of reclaimed Scottish purple variegated slate (these came from a local roof which was approximately 200 years old). I made the frame using a combination of East Lothian driftwood and reclaimed sarking (roofing) boards.


Each of the slate pieces used to create the stream were hand cut and selected to give the impression of flow around the fish (a rather time-consuming process).
This piece is now sold, however, I am currently working on some new art pieces as well as the more craft-based bespoke items which I create.
Finally, I wish to thank Belinda for her continued support and ‘Stream of Knowledge’ is dedicated to the memory of my mum.
©Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson.
If you are interested in a similar artwork, please message me here, or email me at

Natural Wood Cake Stands

I made these natural wooden cake stands for serving a three tier wedding cake.

The top section of wood was sanded down to 1200 grade and then I applied some rapeseed oil to make them more food-safe.


After posting to my Facebook page and I had an order for another one that was made using pine for the top and elm for the base (below).


If you would like to order one, please use the contact form, or email