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Natural Wood Cake Stands

I made these natural wooden cake stands for serving a three tier wedding cake.

The top section of wood was sanded down to 1200 grade and then I applied some rapeseed oil to make them more food-safe.


These were seen after posting on my Facebook page and I had an order for another one. This was made using pine for the top and elm for the base.


If you would like to order one, please leave me a message here, or email



Slate Cake Stand

A truly unique/bespoke cake stand. The top tier is approx 200 year old purple Scottish slate whilst the base is approx 300 year old Cornish slate. I spent ages hand-sanding to make a lovely tactile surface.

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NOW SOLD! But more to come (or contact me if you would like one specially made!)

©Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson