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Pictish Stag Slate Plaque

Pictish stag slate wall plaque, freehand carved and enamelled (15 x 16 cm). Based on the carving from a Class I Pictish stone from Grantown on Spey (now housed in the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh).

This one is now sold (and with a customer from Grantown on Spey!), but I will be making more and they are available to order.



Tibetan Buddhist House Sign

Tibetan Buddhist house sign (24 x 14 cm). Hand cut, drilled and carved from 1 cm thick slate, and hand painted with gold enamel. Tam syllable design used with kind permission from Tashi Mannox.




Tara Ling Tibetan Buddhist House Sign

Tara Ling house sign (35×40 cm).


Hand carved, polished and gold enamelled from slate hearth stone. Includes the ten syllable Green Tara mantra and Tam syllable (used with kind permission from Tashi Mannox).




Hatch, Burn, Carve joins the creative team at Talliston House and Gardens

Very pleased to be creating pieces for Talliston House and Gardens. These are the Talliston Labyrinth wall plaques, reproducing the labyrinth from ‘The Old Rectory’ standing stone which stands in front of the house.

These labyrinth talismans are available to buy at Talliston, but you can also purchase on-line via Folksy;


Please have a look at the Talliston House and Gardens website and be amazed! It has taken 25 years to transform a 3 bedroom ex-council house into ‘Britain’s most extraordinary home’.



All photographs by John Trevillian.

Hound Wall Plaque

Hand carved from reclaimed Cornish slate.


Saluki style ears and a gentle smile! Internal design based loosely on Early Celtic spiral patterns. © Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson


If you would like me to design and carve one of these, message me here or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk.
Each design is unique.



Replica Pictish Stones for Inverness Museum

I recently hand carved these three replica Pictish stones for a schools loan box for Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

This first one is the Ardross Wolf (a Class I Pictish Stone) from a stone found built into a stone wall in 1903. Hand carved into a reclaimed Scottish purple roof slate.



The second is the Ardross ‘Beast’ or Deer (a Class I Pictish Stone) which was found built into the same stone wall as the Ardross Wolf in 1903. Hand carved into a reclaimed Scottish grey roof slate.



The final one is the Crescent and V-Rod and ‘Mirror’ from the Knowe O’ Burrian Class I Pictish Stone from Orkney. Hand carved into a reclaimed Cornish roof slate.



If you would like me to make a similar piece for you, please PM me or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk

Pictish ‘Elephant’/’Porpoise’ Wall Plaque

This Pictish wall plaque is from a carving on the Class II Rodney’s Stone at Brodie Castle near Forres. Hand carved from a reclaimed roof slate.


This has (rather lazily) been interpreted as an ‘elephant’! Personally I’m of the opinion that this design is derived from a porpoise or dolphin.


If you would like me to make a similar wall plaque, then please PM me here, or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk

The Immortality of Fixation

‘The Immortality of Fixation’
Cornish slate (hand carved) on blackboarded plywood.
120 x 60 cm.
This was exhibited at Harestanes Visitor Centre as part of ‘The Otter’s Tale’ exhibition (now sold). Design/concept © Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson