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Sea and River Rune Stones

Sets of 25 hand carved Elder Futhark rune stones (one blank), each contained in a handmade bag (kindly made by my wife).

I sourced these stones from various places on my travels around the country, and brought them back to my workshop in the Scottish Borders. The white stones were found in the sea off the coast of southern England, whilst the other sets were made from stones that I carefully and respectfully collected from the River Valency at Boscastle, and the Trevillet River near St Nectan’s Glen (both locations in Cornwall).

After carving the white stones, the runes are filled with either red or copper monument enamel. All sets are left intentionally unsealed.

I’ve listed some of these in my Etsy shop- just follow this link.

Red Elder Futhark Runes;

Copper Elder Futhark Rune Stones;

River Valency (Boscastle) Rune Stones;

Trevillet River (nr St Nectan’s Glen) Rune Stones;



New Etsy Shop Items

I’ve added many new items to my Etsy shop;

New stone stack pendants (handcrafted from stones found in rivers in the Scottish Borders) including this one from the Tima Water (a tributary of the Ettrick Water);

Click here to see all my stone pendants.

Green, brass and gold labyrinth plaques (approximately 10 cm squared). Freehand carved, polished and enamelled using professional monument/memorial enamel;

Click here to see all my slate tiles/wall plaques.

‘Leaping Salmon’ slate plaques/tiles (¬©HatchBurnCarve), again, approximately 10 cm squared;

Tibetan Buddhist Om stones;

Click here to see all my Buddhist/Sanskrit stones.

Elder Futhark Rune stones. Individually hand carved and enamelled with either red or copper monument/memorial enamel (supplied in a handmade bag);

Click here to see my Elder Futhark Rune stones.

‘Golden Bee’ slate wall plaques/tiles (¬©HatchBurnCarve), approximately 10 cm squared;




Elder Futhark Rune Stones

Sets of 24 Elder Futhark hand-carved runes in bags handmade by my partner.


Three of the sets were carved from stones collected around the North Cornish coast and one set carved from stones which I collected in the River Valency at Boscastle.


Available to order direct from Hatch, Burn, Carve- message me here or email