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‘Cutting Teeth I’

‘Cutting Teeth I’ (30 x 6 cm). Slate, sheep jawbone and pitch pine resin. Slate from the disused quarry at Altarstone, Stobo. Sheep jawbone found on the slopes of Lee Pen, Innerleithen. Pitch pine resin made traditionally using pine resin from Caberstone Forest, rabbit droppings from Thornielee Forest and charcoal from an old rowan tree in Innerleithen. Part of ‘A Sense of Place’ exhibition showing in the Tweeddale Museum and Gallery, Peebles from 5th August to 2nd September 2017.



A Cornish Athame

Slate blade hand shaped and polished from a piece of slate found on Tregardock Beach. Handle crafted from Ulex (gorse) wood found on Bodmin Moor (near the Hurlers stone circles).

Measures 21.5 cm in length.
On sale at Boscastle Rocks (or available to order from Hatch, Burn, Carve).