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World Enduro Series Trophies

Digging through my archive of images, I realised that I forgot to post these. A set of trophies for the World Enduro Series 2015 which was part of the Tweedlove bike festival. I created designs based on three animals found in the Tweed Valley, namely red squirrel, osprey and salmon (designs © Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson).






Secret Pictish Squirrel

I designed this for a very special person (aw!).

There’s no Pictish squirrels out there, so I sat down with a few photos of red squirrels, a guide to draw such animals and an image in my mind of how a Pict would carve such a creature (© Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson).


It was so satisfying to carve this wee creature which really came to life in the stone;