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A Cornish Athame

Slate blade hand shaped and polished from a piece of slate found on Tregardock Beach. Handle crafted from Ulex (gorse) wood found on Bodmin Moor (near the Hurlers stone circles).

Measures 21.5 cm in length.
On sale at Boscastle Rocks (or available to order from Hatch, Burn, Carve).





The Ethos of Hatch, Burn, Carve

As I’ve had a lot of new likes over on Facebook and many more viewers of my blog, I wanted to share a bit about the background to creating my pieces and the things which inspire and drive me.
Practically all of the material I use is reclaimed/recycled or found. There’s more than enough natural material in existence without the need for more quarrying. I spend hours and days on beautiful beaches (mainly around Cornwall and East Lothian- the main image is from a recent trip to Tyninghame Beach in East Lothian) collecting gifts from the sea such as stones and driftwood. I also seek out disused slate quarries. These long-forgotten places offer up some beautiful natural pieces of slate.
My pieces are inspired by nature, archaeology, folklore, heritage and the magick of the British Isles- subjects which I have been fascinated with all of my life.  As well as traditional designs, I also offer my own artistic and drawing skills and welcome commissions and ideas for pieces.

DSC07799The Uffington White Horse from a magickal summer field trip I made this year around many of the chalk hill figures of Southern England.
I hand carve and finish every piece- the only machines I use are Foredom, Proxxon and Dremel carvers and an industrial dust extractor. I also use traditional hammer and chisels. No CNC routers, computer designs, carvers or sand-blasters. Slate edges are filed by hand and the surfaces are hand-sanded with up to six grades of wet and dry paper. If the piece requires enamelling, this is also done by hand.


A Dremel and a dust extractor nozzle- the only machines I need.

All of this is a time consuming process (a cheeseboard/trivet typically takes around two hours to create), but it’s important to me to offer *truly* hand-crafted and bespoke items which will last for centuries.

I am passionate about the natural materials I use and am given by the land.

Natural Sea Stone Bracelets and Necklaces

I love beachcombing 🙂 I have found some amazing things over the years, but usually come back with bags full of stones and sea-glass.


The stones I use to make these are collected either from a beach in North Cornwall or from one in East Lothian.


These are completely natural- no polishing or tumbling (I let the sea do the tumbling for me!)


The stones are all hand-drilled using a diamond tipped corer. Some of these take up to 20 minutes to drill! However, I also collect Hag-Stones (also known as Witches Stones, Serpents Eggs, Adder Stones etc). These are believed to have magical powers such as protection against spells, evil eye, or to be able to see faeries and other magickal beings if you look through the hole. Here’s one (for sale) which I found on an East Lothian beach;


If you would like to buy one, PM me here or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk.