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Moongazing Hound

‘Luna’, the moon gazing hound, who now watches the sky from the garden at Cosaig Self-Catering Cottage in Innerleithen. Design ¬© Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson


I hand carved this from a large natural chunk of Tweed Valley slate, followed by enamelling by hand.



If you would like me to design and carve a bespoke stone for your garden (or home), please PM me here, or email hatcburncarve@yahoo.co.uk

Pictish Horse Stable Sign

This stable sign was based on the Pictish horse design¬†from the Class I Symbol Stone in Inverurie (but with added ‘spots’ as Blackjack has these!).


This was carved into a reclaimed roof slate and hand-enamelled.


If you would like a bespoke stable sign, then please message me here or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk