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Brick Candle Holders

I collected a few wheelbarrows of bricks from a demolition/construction site here in Innerleithen, Scottish Borders. The bricks once formed some of the buildings around the main millhouse at Caerlee Mill. The original mill building was built around 1790 for the manufacture of woolen cloth.  Until the mill closed in 2013, this site produced many materials and items of clothing such as tartan and cashmere.

I’d like to thank Whiteburn Projects for giving me kind permission to access the site.

These bricks are transformed into candle holders by diamond coring and chiselling the recesses for the tealights. The bricks are then scrubbed/washed, dried and finished with a coat of masonry stabiliser/sealer (and protective rubber feet).

Etna brickworks was located in Armadale (West Lothian), Roslin works was in Midlothian, and Niddrie was in Edinburgh.

These candle holders are sold by a fabulous local shop, The Hub on The High Street who stock many of my pieces. I have since collected (and have been given) a large stock of  bricks to create  more of these items.


‘Bronze, Bone and Silence’

‘Bronze, Bone and Silence’

Reclaimed slate hearth stone, Cornish beach stones, wood. 37.2 x 23.1 x 17.0 cm.
Insertion of a short cist burial in a stone setting. The skeleton is a reflection upon burials such as those found at Newhaven in Edinburgh and Cladh Hallan in South Uist. The stones around are carved with cup and ring markings based on prominent constellations seen in the skies above Scotland during the four seasons (Orion in Winter, Leo in Spring, Cygnus in Summer and Perseus in Autumn). The style of cup and ring markings reflects those found at Ballymeanoch Stone Row and Nether Largie Standing Stones in Kilmartin Glen. Dimensions of the wooden base correspond to the Golden Ratio/Phi.
This was included in the ‘Shambhala at Shambellie’ exhibition at Shambellie House, New Abbey nr Dumfries (17th to 29th August 2017).

The Orion Stone

The Leo Stone

The Cygnus Stone

The Perseus Stone

Close up of the skeleton

Women in Science Rock!

This stone will be making an appearance at two shows in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017!

Hand carved/enamelled and cut to enable it to sit on display. Made using a Cornish beach stone measuring 70 cm long by 22 cm high (and weighing around 13 Kg).

You can see it at the Scottish Superwomen of Science show on the 25th- 27th August (Venue 67, Valvona and Crolla) and at ‘Women, Science is Not For You III’ on the 25th August at Venue 7 (New Town Theatre);





St Margaret’s Chapel Guild Presentation Plaque

A very special roof slate.
It was an honour to be asked to carve this presentation plaque for St Margaret’s Chapel Guild.


St Margaret’s Chapel is the oldest building in Edinburgh (within Edinburgh Castle) dating back to the 12th Century. This slate was from the re-roofing in the mid-1800’s. Coat of arms measures 20 cm high and lettering on the scroll was 3 mm.




An early attempt at a Pictish Stag

A piece from March 2012. As with my first carvings of the Pictish wolf, I was still using metal engraving burrs when I carved this.


This stag is from a Class I Pictish Stone from Grantown-On-Spey and was originally found at a place called Cnoc-an-fruich (Freuchies or Frenchies Hillock).

The Pictish stone is now housed in the National Museum Of Scotland in Edinburgh.