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New Hand Crafted Cheese Knife

A new creation from a couple of days ago (and to keep up with demand as these are proving to be very popular!).


Hand shaped and carved from a solid block of reclaimed mahogany, then hand sanded with six grades of paper, detail hand carved and finally, two coats of wax applied.

The blade is reclaimed Sheffield Steel- the tang is set into the wood with super strength epoxy.


Message me here, or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk


Making Cheese Knives

Each of these knives are hand carved and shaped from a solid block of reclaimed mahogany using my trusty Frosts Mora bushcraft knife.


Once shaped, the long process of sanding begins- I typically use six grades of sandpaper down to P600.


After sanding, I carve any designs using a lovely Austrian V-notch tool.


The blades are then set in the wood with super-strong epoxy resin before I apply two coats of wax.


If you would like to purchase one, send me a message on this site, or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk.

The Dragon Gate

After many hours of planning, design, cutting, wood-carving, slate-carving, I finally installed this in the customer’s garden last¬†week!


Assembled using half-lap joints, dowels and Gorilla Glue- I made this without using a single screw and the only nails are in the framing around the dragon head (design © Hatch, Burn, Carve/Martin Wilson).


I based the design on the drawing and brief supplied, but I also used Phi (the Golden Ratio) to work out proportions and dimensions.


The details in the wood are all hand-carved. Marbles have been embedded in the wood to catch the sun and light up like LED’s!


If you would like a truly individual garden gate, please PM me or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk and we can discuss your ideas




The dragon head after carving and before inserting into the gate.


Carving the details into the wood.


Assembly of the gate.

Hand Carved Mahogany Cheese Knives

These are made from reclaimed mahogany and reclaimed Sheffield steel blades.


Each one is unique and I’m working on more just now. Completely hand made, from the cutting and shaping of the wood to the ultra-smooth sanding and waxing.


PM me here or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk