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Pictish beastie wall plaques

This particular Pictish ‘beastie’ is found on Rodney’s Stone, which is located close to the entrance of Brodie Castle, near Forres in Moray.


These two plaques were made for a recent commission. Freehand carved and enamelled, 30 x 20 cm.




Pictish ‘Elephant’/’Porpoise’ Wall Plaque

This Pictish wall plaque is from a carving on the Class II Rodney’s Stone at Brodie Castle near Forres. Hand carved from a reclaimed roof slate.


This has (rather lazily) been interpreted as an ‘elephant’! Personally I’m of the opinion that this design is derived from a porpoise or dolphin.


If you would like me to make a similar wall plaque, then please PM me here, or email hatchburncarve@yahoo.co.uk